Saturday, May 26, 2012

Acknowledging the Role of Holy Spirit


 Instead of gratefully obeying their Creator, Adam and Eve selfishly rebelled. All imperfect humans have descended from them and have suffered as a result. But the Bible explains how God will undo all the damage caused by the sinful course of our first parents. The Scriptures also show that Jehovah will fulfill his original purpose. Earth will become a paradise filled with happy, healthy people blessed with everlasting life. (Gen. 3:15) To maintain faith in that heartwarming prospect, we need the help of God’s holy spirit.

 We should pray to Jehovah for holy spirit. (Luke 11:13) Doing so will help us to reinforce our conviction that creation is the work of God’s hand. Today, there is a rising tide of atheistic and evolutionist propaganda dependent on flawed and baseless reasoning. We should not let this flood of faulty thinking confuse or intimidate us. All Christians must prepare themselves to resist such an onslaught and the peer pressure associated with it.—Read Colossians 2:8.

 Faith in the Bible and in God himself is sure to be strengthened by an honest examination of the evidence in favor of creation. In contemplating the origin of the universe and mankind, many would like to rule out the influence of any force outside the physical realm. If we were to discuss matters from that standpoint, though, we would not be weighing all the evidence impartially. Moreover, we would be ignoring the obvious existence of orderly, purposeful creations “without number.” (Job 9:10; Ps. 104:25) As Christians, we are certain that the active force involved in creation was holy spirit under the intelligent direction of Jehovah.

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