Friday, March 22, 2013

Do Others Accept Your Counsel?


GOOD counsel given properly always gets fine results. Right? Wrong! Even excellent counsel given by capable counselors is often ignored or rejected.—Proverbs 29:19.

This happened when Jehovah counseled Cain, who had developed a hatred for his brother, Abel. (Genesis 4:3-5) Knowing the danger this posed for Cain, God said to him: “Why are you hot with anger and why has your countenance fallen? If you turn to doing good, will there not be an exaltation? But if you do not turn to doing good, there is sin crouching at the entrance, and for you is its craving; and will you, for your part, get the mastery over it?”—Genesis 4:6, 7.

Jehovah thus likened sin to a predator waiting to pounce on Cain if he persisted in nursing a grudge against his brother. (Compare James 1:14, 15.) There was still time for Cain to change his attitude, to “turn to doing good” instead of pursuing a calamitous course. Sadly, Cain did not take heed. He rejected Jehovah’s counsel, with dire consequences.

Some resent and reject any kind of counsel. (Proverbs 1:22-30) Could it be that it is the counselor’s fault that the counsel is rejected? (Job 38:2) Do you who give counsel make it difficult for others to accept it? Human imperfection makes that a real danger. But you can minimize the possibility of having that happen by carefully following Bible principles.

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