Monday, March 18, 2013

Why Needed.

Among the things Christians may have to face are indifference on the part of others, reproach, misrepresentation, intense hostility, hatred by close family members, mistreatment, imprisonment, and even death. (Mt 5:10-12; 10:16-22; 24:9, 10, 39; Mr 13:9, 12, 13; Re 13:10) This calls for endurance. Without this essential quality, a person simply could not come into possession of eternal life. (Ro 2:7; Heb 10:36; Re 14:12) This is because what counts is the finish, not how well a person may have started in the course of Christian discipleship. As Jesus Christ expressed it: “He that has endured to the end is the one that will be saved.” (Mt 24:13) “By endurance on your part you will acquire your souls.”—Lu 21:19.

Persons who quickly accept “the word of God,” but only on a surface level, lack endurance. They soon give up under tribulation or persecution, losing out on God’s approval and blessing. But those who develop deep appreciation for “the word of God” endure steadfastly. They “bear fruit with endurance,” faithfully continuing to proclaim God’s message despite hardship, suffering, and discouragement.—Lu 8:11, 13, 15.

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