Friday, April 26, 2013

Mourners Who Are “Happy”


 “Happy are those who mourn, since they will be comforted.” (Matt. 5:4) “Those who mourn” are the same kind of people as “those conscious of their spiritual need.” They do not mourn in the sense of complaining about their lot in life. Their mourning is sadness over their own sinful state and the conditions existing because of human imperfection. Why are such mourners “happy”? Because they exercise faith in God and Christ and are comforted by having a good relationship with Jehovah.—John 3:36.

 Do we individually mourn because of the unrighteousness rampant in Satan’s world? How do we really feel about what this world has to offer? The apostle John wrote: “Everything in the world—the desire of the flesh and the desire of the eyes and the showy display of one’s means of life—does not originate with the Father.” (1 John 2:16) But what if we sense that our own spirituality is being eroded by “the spirit of the world,” the impelling force that dominates human society alienated from God? Then let us pray fervently, study God’s Word, and seek the help of the elders. As we draw closer to Jehovah, we will “find comfort” for ourselves, regardless of what is causing us distress.—1 Cor. 2:12; Ps. 119:52; Jas. 5:14, 15.

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