Saturday, December 29, 2012

Keep On Pursuing Loving-Kindness


 All who desire God’s favor must pursue loving-kindness. “He that is pursuing righteousness and loving-kindness will find life, righteousness and glory,” says a wise proverb. (Proverbs 21:21) A godly person diligently pursues God’s righteousness, always being guided by divine standards. (Matthew 6:33) He continually shows loyal love, or loving-kindness, to others in material and especially spiritual ways. Thus, he finds righteousness, for Jehovah’s spirit helps him to live in a righteous way. In fact, he is ‘clothed with righteousness’ as the godly man Job was. (Job 29:14) Such a person does not seek his own glory. (Proverbs 25:27) Rather, he gets whatever glory Jehovah allows him to receive, perhaps in the form of respect from fellow humans moved by God to deal kindly with him because of his own loving-kindness toward them. Moreover, those loyally doing God’s will find life—not just for a few fleeting years but forever.

 Therefore, let all who love Jehovah God continue to pursue loving-kindness. This quality endears us to God and to others. It promotes hospitality and makes us considerate. Kindness strengthens bonds within the family and the Christian congregation. Women who show loving-kindness are appreciated and highly regarded. And all those pursuing this splendid quality bring glory to the God of loving-kindness, Jehovah.

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