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“HAPPY are those conscious of their spiritual need,” said Jesus Christ. (Matthew 5:3) Contrary to conventional wisdom, Jesus pointed to the fulfilling of one’s spiritual need rather than the satisfying of material desires as the one essential ingredient for success in the pursuit of happiness. Those words of Jesus, if followed, amount to a guarantee of happiness.

Being conscious of one’s spiritual need, however, means more than simply being aware that such exists. More often than not, a need unfulfilled is a source of anxiety and resentment rather than of happiness. The Bible proverb puts it this way: “Expectation postponed is making the heart sick.” (Proverbs 13:12) Thus, happiness blossoms as one takes steps to identify and then to satisfy one’s spiritual need. How can this be done?

This is where the Bible comes in. Why? Because it alone can provide answers to questions that many have long contemplated without finding satisfying answers. For example, have you ever wondered, ‘What is the purpose of life? Why is man on the earth? What does the future hold?’ Besides providing satisfying answers to these and many other questions, the Bible also supplies guidance for living that has helped millions to cope with the complex problems that confront all of us today and that often impede our search for happiness. “[God’s] word is a lamp to my foot, and a light to my roadway,” says the psalmist. (Psalm 119:105) Yes, the Bible is a sure guide that can help you succeed in the pursuit of happiness.

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