Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Humility Leads to Exaltation


Granted, there is nothing wrong with a modest love of self. The Bible commands us to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. (Matthew 22:39) It is natural to desire comfort and happiness. But the Scriptures also encourage hard work, humility, and modesty. (Proverbs 15:33; Ecclesiastes 3:13; Micah 6:8) People who are honest and reliable and who work hard often get noticed, find good employment, and earn respect. Surely, following this course is better than resorting to the manipulation of others for personal gain or competing with others for position.

Jesus cautioned his listeners against choosing for themselves the prominent place at a marriage feast. He advised them to go to the lowest place and leave it to the host’s discretion to reposition them. Clearly stating the principle involved, Jesus said: “Everyone that exalts himself will be humbled and he that humbles himself will be exalted.”—Luke 14:7-11.

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