Tuesday, April 10, 2012

An Integrity Keeper on Trial


 Job was honest and fair. Therefore, he could say: “If against me my own ground would cry for aid, and together its furrows themselves would weep; if its fruitage I have eaten without money, and the soul of its owners I have caused to pant, instead of wheat let the thorny weed go forth, and instead of barley stinking weeds.” (Job 31:38-40) Job never grabbed the land of others, and he did not exploit workers. Like him, we need to maintain integrity to Jehovah in matters large and small.

 Before his three companions as well as the young man Elihu, Job had spoken about the way he had lived. Against his lifelong record bearing his “signature,” Job had invited an opponent-at-law to file charges. If it was proved that Job was in the wrong, he would be willing to suffer punishment. So he submitted his case and awaited the judgment of the divine court. Thus, ‘the words of Job came to an end.’—Job 31:35, 40.

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