Friday, March 2, 2012

Remain “Spotless and Unblemished”


 As Christians, we know we are living in the time of the end. Therefore, we are not surprised that the world has become obsessed with things that Jehovah detests, such as greed, sexual depravity, and violence. Satan’s strategy might be summed up in this way: ‘If God’s servants cannot be frightened, perhaps they can be corrupted.’ (Rev. 2:13, 14) Hence, we must take to heart Peter’s loving admonition: “Do your utmost to be found finally by [God] spotless and unblemished and in peace.”—2 Pet. 3:14.

 The expression “do your utmost” is similar to Peter’s earlier exhortation to contribute “all earnest effort.” Clearly, Jehovah—the one who inspired Peter to express those sentiments—knows that we need to exert ourselves to remain “spotless and unblemished,” untainted by the filth of Satan’s world. Exerting ourselves includes protecting our heart from being overtaken by wrong desires. (Read Proverbs 4:23; James 1:14, 15.) It also includes standing firm against those who are puzzled about our Christian way of life and who “go on speaking abusively of [us].”—1 Pet. 4:4.

 Because of our imperfection, it is a struggle to do what is right. (Rom. 7:21-25) We can hope to succeed only if we turn to Jehovah, who generously gives holy spirit to those sincerely asking him. (Luke 11:13) That spirit, in turn, nurtures within us qualities that merit God’s approval and that help us to cope not only with life’s temptations but also with its trials, which may well increase as Jehovah’s day draws near.

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