Saturday, August 27, 2011

Why the World Is Sick


 Satan’s entire world system—a product of his way of governing—has repeatedly and consistently failed over the centuries.

In 1991, the newspaper The European noted: “Is the world sick? Yes, indeed, but . . . not by [an] act of God—the world’s illness was inflicted by its peoples.” How true! Influenced by Satan, our first parents chose human rule over rule by Jehovah. 

They thereby set in motion a way of governing that was bound to fail. The pain and misery experienced by people worldwide are signs that human rule is afflicted by a dreadful illness.

 Satan’s way of governing appeals to selfishness. However, selfishness can never conquer love, which is the basis of Jehovah’s way of governing. Satan’s way of governing has failed to deliver stability, happiness, or security. Jehovah’s way of ruling stands vindicated!

What Did We Learn About Rulership From Reading . . .

• Romans 13:1, 2?
• Proverbs 21:30?
• Jeremiah 10:23?
• Colossians 3:13?

Why not check the Scriptures here? 

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