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Those Who Wrote About Jesus


DO YOU enjoy reading together about Jesus?— Some people are surprised to learn that the Bible contains nothing that Jesus wrote. Yet, eight Bible writers tell us a lot about him. These all lived when Jesus did, and they tell us what he taught. Can you name the eight?— There are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The other four are Peter, James, Jude, and Paul. What do you know about these writers?—

Let’s first talk about the three writers who were also among Jesus’ 12 apostles. Do you know their names?— Peter, John, and Matthew. Peter wrote two letters to fellow Christians. He told them about things he knew Jesus did and said. Turn in the Bible to 2 Peter 1:16-18, and read there Peter’s description of hearing Jehovah God speak to Jesus from heaven.—Matthew 17:5.

The apostle John wrote five Bible books. He was next to Jesus at the last meal that the disciples ate with their Master. John was also with Jesus when He died. (John 13:23-26; 19:26) John wrote one of the four Bible accounts of Jesus’ life called the Gospels. He also wrote down the Revelation that Jesus gave him and the three letters in the Bible that are named after him. (Revelation 1:1) The third Bible writer who became an apostle of Jesus was Matthew. He had been a tax collector.

Two other Bible writers knew Jesus in a special way. They were his younger half brothers, also children of Joseph and Mary. (Matthew 13:55) At first, they did not become Jesus’ disciples. They even thought that he was a bit crazy because of his zealous preaching. (Mark 3:21) Who were these brothers?— James is one. He wrote the Bible book of James. The other is Judas, who is also called Jude. He wrote the Bible book of Jude.—Jude 1.

Two others who wrote about Jesus’ life are Mark and Luke. Mark’s mother, Mary, had a large home in Jerusalem, where early Christians met, including the apostle Peter. (Acts 12:11, 12) Years earlier, on the night Jesus held his last Passover with his apostles, likely Mark followed them when they went to the garden of Gethsemane. At Jesus’ arrest, soldiers grabbed Mark, but he escaped without his garment.—Mark 14:51, 52.

Luke was a well-educated medical doctor who apparently became a disciple after Jesus died. He made a careful study of Jesus’ life and wrote a clear, accurate story about it. Later, Luke became a traveling companion of the apostle Paul and also wrote the Bible book of Acts.—Luke 1:1-3; Acts 1:1.

Paul is the eighth Bible writer who wrote about Jesus. He studied under the famous lawyer Gamaliel. Reared and taught by Pharisees, Paul, then called Saul, hated Jesus’ disciples and shared in having them killed. (Acts 7:58–8:3; 22:1-5; 26:4, 5) Do you know how Paul came to learn the truth about Jesus?—

Well, Paul was on the way to Damascus to arrest disciples of Jesus when he was suddenly blinded by a bright light from heaven. He heard a voice ask: “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?” It was Jesus speaking! He told Paul to go into Damascus. Then Jesus directed his disciple Ananias to speak with Paul, and Paul became a disciple of Jesus. (Acts 9:1-18) Paul wrote 14 books of the Bible, starting with Romans and continuing through Hebrews.

Have you started to read the Bible books about Jesus or to have someone read them to you?— One of the best things you will ever do in your life is to start now while you are young to learn what the Bible says about Jesus.

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