Saturday, September 24, 2011

Be Exemplary in Dealing With Others


 To maintain our integrity, we need to be like Job, who was just, humble, and considerate of others. He said: “If I used to refuse the judgment of my slave man or of my slave girl in their case at law with me, then what can I do when God rises up? And when he calls for an accounting, what can I answer him? Did not the One making me in the belly make him, and did not just One proceed to prepare us in the womb?”—Job 31:13-15.

 Apparently, there was no complicated procedure for handling legal cases in Job’s day. Cases were conducted in an orderly way, and courts were available even to slaves. Job was just and merciful in dealing with his servants. If we are to walk in our integrity, we must display such qualities, especially if we serve as elders in the Christian congregation.

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