Friday, September 23, 2011

We Shall Walk in Our Integrity!


“As for me, in my integrity I shall walk.”—PS. 26:11.

IN ANCIENT times, objects were often weighed on a beam scale. It usually consisted of a horizontal beam, or bar, that pivoted on a peg at its center. A pan hung from each end of the bar. The object being weighed was put in one pan and a weight in the other. God’s people were to use honest scales and weights.—Prov. 11:1.

 When the godly man Job was suffering under satanic attack, he said: “[Jehovah] will weigh me in accurate scales and God will get to know my integrity.” (Job 31:6) In that regard, Job mentioned a number of situations that could put an integrity keeper to the test. But Job actually passed the test successfully, as implied by his words recorded in Job chapter 31. His fine example may well move us to act in similar ways and say with conviction as did the psalmist David: “As for me, in my integrity I shall walk.”—Ps. 26:11.

 Although Job was sorely tested, he remained faithful to God. Some might even say that Job’s severe tests and staunch integrity keeping were of heroic proportions. We are not suffering exactly as Job did. However, we must be faithful to God in matters large and small if we are to bolster our position as integrity keepers and supporters of his sovereignty.—Read Luke 16:10.

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