Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nine-Year-Old Son Saves a Marriage


NEED a husband’s one act of adultery absolutely require that the wife divorce him, even when he is truly repentant? One wife thought so, but her nine-year-old son thought otherwise.

A certain baptized man with a dedicated wife and three young children recently committed adultery. It was a single offense and he immediately informed the appointed congregational elders. He was urged by the elders to seek his wife’s forgiveness by confessing to her as well. The wife was very upset and was determined to bring their marriage to an end. She stated to the elders handling the case that her mind was made up and that she had already consulted with a lawyer. The elders talked with her, mentioning that the three children still were of tender years, the eldest being nine. But in spite of this, she was resolute. As a result, the husband was sorely distressed and would hardly eat. He wept much of the time.

In the meantime, the children got to know what was happening, and the eldest boy decided to do something about it. He sat down to work out a talk or what he would say to his mother. From attending meetings at the Kingdom Hall, he recalled some scriptures and also information from the book “Making Your Family Life Happy.” Now he was well prepared to tackle his mummy. He called her into the bedroom and sat down with her. His first comment was to the effect that he was very upset and did not desire his family to break up. Then he said: “Look, Mummy, what the Bible says at Nehemiah 9:17.” After the mother read this text, he said: “You see how Jehovah is a God that acts in a forgiving way. Mummy, do you not think that you also should forgive Daddy?” “Perhaps,” his mother replied. He was really intent on helping his mother to see the importance of being forgiving.

The lad also quoted Ephesians 5:22, 33 and argued that as his daddy is the head of the house, the mother should listen to him. Next, the boy referred to Matthew 6:11, 12. After he read these two verses, he asked his mother what the word “debts” meant. She gave him the answer and he urged her to forgive “Daddy’s debts.” He used many more scriptures and, in conclusion, asked his mother: “Do you not think that you should forgive Daddy?” Happily, the answer was, “Yes, I will.”

Now the family is happily united once again. The woman later said that she was glad about the way things worked out and remarked that she could see that her husband was really repentant and trying hard to make amends in the family relationship. So, what others’ comments did not bring about, those of a nine-year-old boy did, with the use of God’s Word. Truly, “out of the mouth of children . . . you [Jehovah] have founded strength.”—Ps. 8:2.

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