Saturday, September 10, 2011

Trust in the God of Salvation


 After the Roman armies invaded Judea in 66 C.E., faithful Christians acted on Jesus’ admonition to flee the city of Jerusalem at the first opportunity. (Luke 21:20-23) Why did they act promptly and decisively? No doubt, they had kept Jesus’ warning close in mind. To be sure, they expected that their decision would involve hardship, as Christ had forewarned. But at the same time, they knew that Jehovah would never forsake his loyal ones.—Ps. 55:22.

 We too must fully trust in Jehovah, for he alone will be our salvation when the present system undergoes the greatest tribulation of all human history. At some point after the beginning of the great tribulation but before Jehovah executes his judgment upon the rest of the world, people will “become faint out of fear and expectation of the things coming upon the inhabited earth.” 

However, while God’s enemies tremble with fear, Jehovah’s loyal servants will feel no dread. On the contrary, they will rejoice because they know that their deliverance is near.—Read Luke 21:25-28.

 Yes, what a thrilling future awaits those who remain separate from the world and its “elements”! As the next article explains, however, if we want to gain life, we must do more than merely avoid what is bad. We need to develop qualities that please Jehovah and perform works that are acceptable to him.—2 Pet. 3:11.

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