Sunday, December 25, 2011

Making Time for What Matters


“The time left is reduced.”—1 Corinthians 7:29.

“JUMPING around and splashing in the water doesn’t mean you’re swimming,” writes Michael LeBoeuf in his book Working Smart.

In other words, there can be a difference between just being active and really accomplishing something worthwhile. Look back at the past week. For what did you make time? For what were you too busy? Do you see a need to make more time for the things you really care about?

Consider what Jesus foretold about our hurried times. He said that as this system nears its end and God’s righteous new world draws near, his disciples would be busy. Doing what? Preaching “this good news of [God’s] kingdom.” Jesus also said that the majority of people would be too busy to listen. They would be preoccupied with the ordinary matters of life. He added that those who are too busy to take note of the Kingdom message would suffer destruction.—Matthew 24:14, 37-39; Luke 17:28-30.

Why not check the Scriptures here? 


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