Saturday, December 31, 2011

Why Did God Create Us?


Jehovah God created mankind as an expression of his love—he wanted to share life and happiness with humans. Doubtless, God experienced great joy in fashioning physical creations of all kinds, so that man would be surrounded by beauty and plenty. Above all, humans were to have a meaningful relationship with their Creator, knowing him and communicating with him. They were created to live forever under perfect, peaceful conditions.—Genesis 3:8, 9; Psalm 37:11, 29.

Jehovah also assigned humans fulfilling and meaningful work to do. God told the first humans: “Be fruitful and become many and fill the earth and subdue it, and have in subjection the fish of the sea and the flying creatures of the heavens and every living creature that is moving upon the earth.” (Genesis 1:28) Yes, the first couple and their offspring were to transform the whole earth into a paradise of pleasure.
Things did not immediately work out as Jehovah purposed. Nevertheless, God’s original purpose for mankind will be fulfilled.—Isaiah 46:9-11; 55:11.

In the meantime, man’s desire—his need—to know God and to have a relationship with him is manifest in his search for purpose. Man was created as an intelligent creature with the desire to explore and understand. And the Bible says that man will go on accumulating satisfying knowledge of God and his creation forever.

One Bible writer expressed man’s purpose this way: “I have seen the occupation that God has given to the sons of mankind in which to be occupied. Everything he has made pretty in its time. Even time indefinite he has put in their heart, that mankind may never find out the work that the true God has made from the start to the finish.

I have come to know that there is nothing better for them than to rejoice and to do good during one’s life; and also that every man should eat and indeed drink and see good for all his hard work. It is the gift of God.” (Ecclesiastes 3:10-13) So there will never be an end to what mankind can find out about God and his creation.

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