Monday, November 28, 2011

Christian Families—Follow Jesus’ Example!


“Christ . . . [left] you a model for you to follow his steps closely.”—1 PET. 2:21.

WHEN God made the heavens and the earth, his firstborn Son was beside him “as a master worker.” The Son of God also cooperated with his Father when Jehovah designed and created the huge variety of animal and plant life here on earth and when He prepared the Paradise that would be home to creatures made in Jehovah’s image and likeness. 

God’s Son, who later became known as Jesus, had a great love for mankind. “The things [he] was fond of were with the sons of men.”—Prov. 8:27-31; Gen. 1:26, 27.

 After the first human pair sinned, the redemption of sinful mankind became an important part of Jehovah’s purpose. Jehovah provided Christ’s ransom sacrifice to make that redemption possible. (Rom. 5:8) Furthermore, Jehovah provided his Word, the Bible, which gives guidance to man on how best to cope with inherited imperfection. (Ps. 119:105)

In his Word, Jehovah provides direction to help people maintain strong, happy families. Regarding marriage, the book of Genesis states that a man must “stick to his wife and they must become one flesh.”—Gen. 2:24.

 During his earthly ministry, Jesus emphasized that marriage was intended to be permanent. He taught principles that when applied would help family members to avoid attitudes and conduct that threatened their marriage or the happiness of their family. (Matt. 5:27-37; 7:12)

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