Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Esteem Christ as Deliverer


 On their last night before the Exodus, some of the offspring of Israel were in grave danger. Soon, God’s angel would pass through the land of Egypt, killing all the firstborn. Jehovah told Moses that the firstborn of Israel would be saved if the Israelites took the blood of the Passover lamb and sprinkled it on the lintels and doorposts of their doorways. (Ex. 12:1-13, 21-23) 

So it proved to be. Later, the whole nation was in serious danger. They were trapped between the Red Sea and the pursuing Egyptian war chariots. Jehovah again provided deliverance through Moses, who miraculously parted the waters of that sea.—Ex. 14:13, 21.

 Great as those acts of deliverance were, the deliverance Jehovah performed through Jesus is much greater. Jesus is the means by which obedient ones are delivered from slavery to sin. (Rom. 5:12, 18) And that deliverance is “an everlasting deliverance.” (Heb. 9:11, 12) 

The name Jesus means “Jehovah Is Salvation.” Jesus, as our Deliverer, or Savior, not only rescues us from our past sins but also opens the way for us to enjoy a better future. By delivering them from slavery to sin, Jesus saves his followers from the wrath of God and brings them into a loving relationship with Jehovah.—Matt. 1:21.

 The deliverance from sin that Jesus provides will in due time include freedom from its grim effects—sickness and even death. To visualize what that will mean, consider what happened when Jesus went to the home of a certain man named Jairus, whose 12-year-old daughter had died. Jesus reassured Jairus: “Have no fear, only put forth faith, and she will be saved.” (Luke 8:41, 42, 49, 50)

True to his words, the girl rose from the dead! Can you imagine the joy of her parents? Then you have an idea of the surpassing joy that will be ours when “all those in the memorial tombs will hear [Jesus’] voice and come out” in the resurrection. (John 5:28, 29) Truly, Jesus is a Savior, our Deliverer!—Read Acts 5:31; Titus 1:4; Rev. 7:10.

 Knowing that we can be instrumental in helping people to benefit from Jesus’ saving acts impels us to share in the preaching and teaching work. (Isa. 61:1-3) Further, meditating on Jesus’ role as the Greater Moses deepens our confidence that he will deliver his followers when he comes to execute judgment upon the wicked.—Matt. 25:31-34, 41, 46; Rev. 7:9, 14.

 Yes, Jesus is the Greater Moses. He did many marvelous things that Moses could never have done. Jesus’ words as a prophet and his actions as a mediator affect the entire human family. As a Deliverer, Jesus brings not temporary but eternal salvation for redeemable mankind. Yet, there is more to learn about Jesus from the faithful men of old. The next article will discuss how he was the Greater David and the Greater Solomon.

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