Thursday, October 27, 2011

How Deeply Do We Love Jehovah?


 Jehovah is the Creator of the universe, Sovereign of all creation. Why did he not ignore the Devil’s challenge? God knew that neither ignoring Satan nor destroying him would resolve the issue that had been raised. The Devil had claimed that Job, an outstanding servant of Jehovah, would not remain loyal if he lost his favored economic situation. 

Job’s loyalty withstood the test. Then Satan claimed that any human would turn away from God if he suffered physically. Job suffered, but his integrity was not broken. Hence, Satan was proved to be a liar in the case of that faithful though imperfect man. What of other worshippers of God?

 In effect, each servant of God who keeps his integrity despite whatever Satan brings against him demonstrates that in his own personal case, the accusations of that remorseless enemy are false. 

Jesus came to earth and gave a complete answer to Satan’s challenge. Jesus was a perfect man, like our first father, Adam. Jesus’ faithfulness to the death conclusively demonstrated that Satan is a liar and that his accusations are false.—Rev. 12:10.

 Nevertheless, Satan keeps testing Jehovah’s worshippers. Each of us has the opportunity and the responsibility to demonstrate by our personal integrity that we serve Jehovah because we love him—not for selfish reasons. 

How do we view that responsibility? We see it as a privilege to be loyal to Jehovah. It also comforts us to know that Jehovah gives us the strength to endure and, as in the case of Job, that He sets limits to the trials we face.—1 Cor. 10:13.

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