Monday, October 31, 2011

Persevering Despite Opposition


 We can also learn from the locust. A single locust, measuring only about two inches [5 cm] in length, may not inspire awe, but a swarm of locusts certainly does. (Read Proverbs 30:27.) Known for having a voracious appetite, a swarm of these relentless insects can quickly denude a field ready for harvest. The Bible compares the sound of an approaching swarm of insects, including locusts, to the rumble of chariots and to the crackling of flames consuming stubble. (Joel 2:3, 5) 

Men have built fires in an effort to check the advance of a locust swarm, but these are usually ineffective. Why? The bodies of the locusts that are killed extinguish the flames, after which the rest of the swarm continues on unhindered. Even without a king or a leader, a locust swarm operates like a well-organized army, overcoming virtually any obstacle.—Joel 2:25.

 The prophet Joel compared the activity of Jehovah’s servants to the actions of locusts. He wrote: “Like powerful men they run. Like men of war they go up a wall. And they go each one in his own ways, and they do not alter their paths. And one another they do not shove. As an able-bodied man in his course, they keep going; and should some fall even among the missiles, the others do not break off course.”—Joel 2:7, 8.

 How well this prophecy describes modern-day proclaimers of God’s Kingdom! No “wall” of opposition has been able to stop their preaching. Rather, they imitate Jesus, who persisted in doing God’s will even though he was despised by many. (Isa. 53:3) 

True, some Christians have ‘fallen among the missiles’ by being put to death as martyrs for their faith. Still, the preaching work has continued, and the number of Kingdom proclaimers keeps growing. In fact, persecution has often served to spread the good news to people who would not otherwise have heard the Kingdom message. (Acts 8:1, 4) 

In your personal ministry, have you demonstrated perseverance like that of the locust—even in the face of indifference and opposition?—Heb. 10:39.

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