Thursday, October 27, 2011

Satan—A Defiant Adversary and Apostate

 The Hebrew Scriptures provide details about Satan’s shameful role in challenging Jehovah and leading mankind astray. In the Christian Greek Scriptures, we find more information about Satan’s opposition to Jehovah, and in the book of Revelation, we learn of the vindication of Jehovah’s sovereignty and Satan’s final destruction. 

The book of Job adds to our knowledge of Satan’s rebellious course. When Satan was present at the gatherings in heaven, he did not attend with the intention of praising Jehovah. The Devil had a malicious attitude and a sinister objective. After he accused Job and received permission to test him, “Satan went out away from the person of Jehovah.”—Job 1:12; 2:7.

 Hence, the book of Job identifies Satan as mankind’s merciless enemy. Between the gathering in heaven mentioned at Job 1:6 and the one described at Job 2:1, an unspecified period of time passed, during which Job was cruelly put to the test. Job’s faithfulness enabled Jehovah to say to Satan: “Even yet [Job] is holding fast his integrity, although you incite me against him to swallow him up without cause.” But Satan did not admit that his claims had been proved wrong. 

On the contrary, he demanded that Job be put to another severe test. Thus, the Devil tested Job both when he was prosperous and when he was destitute. Clearly, Satan has no compassion for the needy or for victims of calamity. He hates people of integrity. (Job 2:3-5) 

Nevertheless, Job’s faithfulness showed that Satan is a liar.  Satan was the first creature to turn apostate. Modern-day apostates display characteristics similar to those of the Devil.

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