Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jehovah Deserves Our United Praise


“Praise Jah, you people!”—PS. 111:1.

“HALLELUJAH!” That exclamation is commonly heard in Christendom’s churches. Some people punctuate daily conversations with the expression. Few, however, know its sacred meaning, and the lifestyle of many who use it dishonors God. (Titus 1:16) 

“Hallelujah,” explains one Bible dictionary, is a “word used by the writers of various psalms to invite all to join them in praising Jehovah.” In fact, a number of Bible scholars point out that “Hallelujah” means “‘Praise ye Jah,’ [that is] Jehovah.”

 Understandably, in the New World Translation, the expression found at Psalm 111:1 is rendered “Praise Jah, you people!” A Greek form of this expression appears four times at Revelation 19:1-6 in celebration of the end of false religion. When that takes place, true worshippers will have special reason to use the expression “Hallelujah” in a respectful way.

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