Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our Holy, Fear-Inspiring Redeemer


 “He has sent redemption itself to his people. To time indefinite he has commanded his covenant. His name is holy and fear-inspiring.” (Ps. 111:9) Again, the psalmist may have had in mind Jehovah’s loyalty to his covenant promise to Abraham. In line with that, Jehovah did not abandon his people first as slaves in ancient Egypt and later as captives in Babylon. In both cases, God redeemed his people. Even if only for those two accomplishments, Israel should have treated God’s name as holy.—Read Exodus 20:7; Romans 2:23, 24.

 The same is true of Christians today, who have been redeemed from hopeless slavery to sin and death. We should do our very best to live in harmony with the first request in the model prayer: “Let your name be sanctified.” (Matt. 6:9) Meditating on that illustrious name should instill in us godly fear. The writer of Psalm 111 had the correct view of godly fear, stating: “The fear of Jehovah is the beginning of wisdom. All those doing them [keeping his commandments] have a good insight.”—Ps. 111:10.

 A wholesome fear of God will help us to hate what is bad. It will also help us to imitate God’s beautiful qualities as shown in Psalm 112, which we will consider in the next article. That psalm shows how we can qualify to be among the millions who will enjoy praising God forever. He deserves nothing less. “His praise is standing forever.”—Ps. 111:10.

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